LTECH Lighting Lesson - Flicker Free

LTECH Lighting Lesson -  Flicker Free

Flickerless means flicker-free. The flicker what we define is not just able to be seen within the human eye, but also contains those invisible flickers. Usually, general dimmable drivers are easy to generate flickers while dimming. Different people show different sensitivity to flickers which can lead to the following problems;


- Migraine or frequent nausea

- Eye injury (Including eyestrain, fatigue and blurred vision)

- Photosensitive epilepsy or flicker induced seizure

- Increase repetitive behaviour for autistic persons


Flickers that cause these problems does not meet the requirements of healthy lighting.There will also be some concerns over safety if one operates equipment in the workplace with. Nowadays, people use electronic equipment to take a selfie or scenery shootings from time to time in various occasions, and shooting ripple problems often occur that impact effects.




There are a lot of standards about flickers across the world, but they did not reached consensus yet.


Currently, flicker specifications involved in China are set for certification standards of lamps - CQC1601-2016 (Technical specifications for visual task on lamp certifications), which referred to the standards of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE Std 1789-2015.


And the new national standards (Standards for lighting design of buildings GB50032) (soliciting comments) also refers to the standards International Commission on illumination CIE TN 006:2016. It makes flicker index (PstLM) and flicker effect index (SVM) include into the flicker criteria. If one wants to avoid the LED flicker problem, dimmable drivers that are flicker-free, or passed the flicker examination or possess high frequency exemption level are well recommended. In the purchasing time, special testing equipment of flickers can be used to detect dimmable drivers or get the test reports of detection unit for them that are provided by manufactures. For flickers there still exists misunderstandings in the majority of people.

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