Showcase bicycle parking Amsterdam

Showcase bicycle parking Amsterdam

Lighting for bicycle parking in Amsterdam, in partnership with OneEightyOne

In the transformation of Klein Gartman Plantsoen in Amsterdam, LTECH's LT-404-5A LED drivers played a pivotal role, infusing the space with captivating lighting. These Constant Voltage Drivers, measuring 175mm in length, 44mm in width, and 30mm in height, delivered exceptional performance and precise control. 

LED Driver DALI 4x5A - LT-404-5A 

LTECH's LT-404-5A drivers were designed to accept a DC input voltage ranging from 12V to 24V. With a maximum output current of 5A per channel and an output power of 480W at 24V or 240W at 12V, these drivers provided ample power to illuminate the space. Equipped with four LED outputs and supporting Constant Voltage operation, they offered versatile lighting possibilities.


The control options offered by the LT-404-5A drivers were equally impressive. Supporting PWM-CV signal and DALI control, they enabled precise dimming capabilities with a logarithmic dimming curve and a dimming range of 0% to 100%. Additionally, the drivers featured Push Dim functionality, allowing convenient manual dimming control.

LTECH's LT-404-5A drivers excelled in reliability and protection, with built-in safeguards against reverse polarity. Operating within a temperature range of -30°C to +55°C and boasting an IP20 rating for indoor environments, these drivers proved their durability and suitability for diverse lighting applications.

In partnership with OneEightyOne, LTECH's LT-404-5A LED drivers proved to be the ideal choice for illuminating Klein Gartman Plantsoen in Amsterdam. Their advanced features, including versatile control options, robust protection mechanisms, and high-performance output, perfectly complemented the project's transformative vision. LTECH's dedication to innovation and quality shone through in this partnership, showcasing their expertise in delivering cutting-edge LED lighting solutions.

In conclusion, LTECH's LT-404-5A LED drivers, in collaboration with OneEightyOne, played a crucial role in the stunning transformation of Klein Gartman Plantsoen. Their exceptional performance and precise control contributed to the captivating lighting scheme that elevated the space to new heights. LTECH's commitment to delivering innovative and reliable LED lighting solutions was evident in their partnership with OneEightyOne for this remarkable project.

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