DMX512/RDM Series

DMX is a lighting protocol that allows all lamps to be set independently of each other. The DMX512 protocol can set 512 addresses (8 bit) via RS485. The protocol is standardised and has been used for many years in the lighting industry.

In addition to the DMX512 protocol, the RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol can be used. This allows you to configure lamps that have already been hung up. It increases the flexibility of the network. RDM thus provides feedback of data in the entire configuration.

A DMX decoder can convert the universal digital signal DMX512/1990 into CC/CV PWM signal with advanced microelectronic control technology to control the LED. The control works via a DMX512 console and achieves a brightness of 0-100% or a changing color effect. It is possible to control single color, CCT, RGB, RGBY, RGBW and RGBA


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