DMX Signal amplifier

DMX booster 1 to 3 CH - LT-123
114,16 €
Channels 3
Tension d entrée 12V DC
LED Signal Amplifier DMX 2CH DIN Rail - DIN-121
59,71 €
Tension d entrée 12 ~ 24V DC
LED Signal Amplifier DMX 8CH - RDM-AMP-8
208,84 €
Channels 8
Tension d entrée 100 ~ 240V AC

DMX Signal Amplifier is dedicated to amplify, distribute, and insulate the signal that comes from the lighting system equipment when it is connected to the bus of DMX512.

- It’s specially designed for signal shaping amplification for DMX512 signal which attenuated after a long-distance transmission, realize extending the signal transmission distance.
- Need to use the multiple signals expansion output control, increase DMX l signal amplifier to distribute multi-channel control.
- 1 channel input, 2-3 channels distributed output, there is a independently photoelectricity insulation of >3KV between Input and output terminals, and output terminals among 3 channels, so as to avoid the expensive equipment such as light, DMX driver, precise digital lighting controller, being burnt by the possible high voltage which caused from the wrong wire connection and a broken equipment, also can avoid the signal interference between each DMX equipment, to assure it works safely.



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