DMX Signal amplifier

DMX DIN Rail Signal Amplifier - DIN-121
  • -20%
100,09 € 80,07 €
Tensione di ingresso 12 ~ 24V DC
LED Signal Amplifier DMX 8CH - RDM-AMP-8
  • -20%
305,66 € 244,53 €
Channels 8
Tensione di ingresso 100 ~ 240V AC
DMX booster 1 to 3 CH - LT-123
  • -20%
187,71 € 150,17 €
Channels 3
Tensione di ingresso 12V DC

DMX Signal Amplifier is dedicated to amplify, distribute, and insulate the signal that comes from the lighting system equipment when it is connected to the bus of DMX512.

- It’s specially designed for signal shaping amplification for DMX512 signal which attenuated after a long-distance transmission, realize extending the signal transmission distance.
- Need to use the multiple signals expansion output control, increase DMX l signal amplifier to distribute multi-channel control.
- 1 channel input, 2-3 channels distributed output, there is a independently photoelectricity insulation of >3KV between Input and output terminals, and output terminals among 3 channels, so as to avoid the expensive equipment such as light, DMX driver, precise digital lighting controller, being burnt by the possible high voltage which caused from the wrong wire connection and a broken equipment, also can avoid the signal interference between each DMX equipment, to assure it works safely.

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